Powered Pulley

Designed to Outperform and Outlast Conventional Drive Systems

Mag-Drive powered pulleys utilize magnetic, direct-drive technology, eliminating the need for gears or other external components and making it the leader in efficiency and reliability. This simple design ensures your processes, machinery and conveyors keep running.

The Profiled Shell Stainless Steel Design

The stainless steel shell is IP69k washdown safe and uses a profiled shell to fit all popular modular monolithic plastic chains, wire mesh belts, tensionless belts, and homogenous positive drive belts. This assures product safety from foreign material (fasteners), leaving no place for harborage and reduces sanitation time.

Gearless, Oil Free, & Permanent Seals

Mag-Drive powered pulleys use magnets pushing against each other to create rotation. This gearless design uses minimal rotating components, as few as 2 bearings, and transfers electrical power directly to mechanical rotation. The magnets are shaped to create a high pole count and permanently sealed inside the shell, resulting in high mechanical power and constant torque over a wide speed range. The absence oil eliminates the threat of an oil leak.  


Mag-Drive products allow precise control over conveyor speeds and timing, and are easy to operate using most popular VFD’s.


Motor-driven systems utilize up to 50% of a facility’s power. One Motion products have been field tested and proven to increase efficiency by up to 55%.


No lubricants are used in Mag-Drive products, thus no risk of oil leaks. No motor / gearbox means no harborage areas where food debris likes to hide.

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