Powered Hub

Easy to Clean, Stainless Steel Construction

The stainless steel shell is IP69k washdown safe and can be designed with a cut shell to fit all popular modular monolithic plastic chains, wire mesh belts, tensionless belts, and homogenous positive drive belts. This assures product safety from foreign material (fasteners), leaving no place for harborage and reduces sanitation time.

High Performance

Mounted on one end, the powered hub offers a variety of application uses. As with all One Motion™ mag-drive configurations, it can be coupled with encoders to create a smart belt system, perfect for infeed and other applications.

There is no time wasted to spool up a gearbox, no backlash, indexing with 1/16″, and acceleration that exceeds that of a conventional servo motor system.

Easy to Clean, Stainless Steel Construction

The gearless design eliminates the need for lubricants. No oil – no threat of an oil leak.This makes the Powered Hub an ideal solution for any rotary motion needed above the food line.

Hygienic Design

By embedding Mag-Drive drum motors inside the main components of the wrapper, crevices and cavities that are usually present when designing machinery with conventional motors, servo motors and gearboxes are eliminated. The sanitary construction of the flow wrapper makes it quick and easy to clean.

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