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About Tech-Roll, Inc

The Tech-Roll hydraulic drum motor was invented and developed by Ulf Hansson, a Swedish born inventor responsible for many patents in the refrigeration and food processing equipment industry. The hydraulic drum motor was first used widely in the fishing industry and proved to be the method of choice in the harsh salt-waters of the Bering Sea. Since then Tech-Roll has become the preferred way to power hydraulic conveyors in all types of industries including Poultry, Beef, Wood, Harvesting, Aggregate, Frac Sand and countless others.


The Tech-Roll motorized pulley or drum motor is a patented product marketed and sold under its own company name-Tech-Roll, Inc., and is manufactured with pride in Bellingham Washington, USA.

Ulf Hansson

Mr. Ulf Hansson was hired as VP of Sabroe Refrigeration US, a Danish refrigeration company.  Later he was made president of Sabroe subsidiary, Carnitech US Inc.  He later devoted all of his efforts to developing the internally driven, hydraulic motorized pulley known as Tech-Roll.